When participating in an Ehm & Co program:

  • Write professional, honest, unique and balanced posts that consider the objectives of the campaign as outlined.
  • Include thoughtful and thorough feedback (through a minimum of 300-500 words of original content, when blogging). Zero tolerance plagiarism policy.
  • Publish brand friendly posts free of typos, incorrect grammar, non-functioning/dead links or profanity.
  • Include all campaign-specific information required in posts (e.g. a link to a brand’s website, Facebook page or Twitter account).
  • Submit your post within the specified posting period and fulfill your commitment through the end of a campaign, meeting deadlines and requirements.
  • All content produced as a required component of a campaign must remain live and unaltered, with URLs intact, for a minimum of 1 year (unless otherwise specified).
    • This includes posts (both blog and social) across all Ehm & Co activations, and tweets from Twitter Party Promoters.
  • Notify us if you are unable to fulfill campaign requirements or no longer wish to participate as soon as possible
    • Failure to submit required posts within the campaign posting period without prior approval from your campaign contact may result in disqualification and reduced or non-payment.
    • Failure to make necessary edits to published posts in a timely manner may also result in disqualification and reduced or non-payment.
  • Grant permission to the brand and Ehm & Co to share your content across social media platforms and website with proper credit.
  • Grant permission, where required, to access your Facebook ad services.
  • Contact Ehm & Co directly if you have questions or concerns regarding the campaign or have a negative experience with a product, brand or service.

During Recruitment:

  • Understand that Ehm & Co seeks to match participants who display passion and genuine enthusiasm for different brands, products, or services with appropriate opportunities while meeting selection criteria specified by our clients (e.g. Moms of toddlers who live in Toronto).
  • Understand that selection criteria and number of participants will vary for each program.
  • Understand that some opportunities will be reserved for those influencers who meet minimum required metrics.
  • Disclose any conflict of interest (e.g., if you are working on a similar program for a competing brand or are a salaried employee of the brand or another social media marketing agency or community).

In return, you can expect Ehm & Co to:

  • Offer opportunities to participate in a variety of compelling and relevant campaigns.
  • Compensate you in a timely manner
  • Deliver clear expectations, posting guidelines and campaign requirements – no surprises as to what you will be asked to do and what you will be offered in return (should clients request a change, we will notify you as soon as possible).
  • Select participants fairly and objectively, with no up-front requirements (e.g., submit a post for a chance to be considered for a program).
  • Provide product samples or promotional items to facilitate your participation and as appreciation for fulfilling our guidelines.
  • Share exclusive Ehm & Co events and offers.
  • Communicate honestly and transparently at all times.
  • Listen to and respect your opinions and viewpoints, and encourage honest feedback on any campaign.