I’m a brand, looking to partner with Influencers, whom should I contact?

We welcome the opportunity to partner with new brands. If you would like to partner with Ehm &Co or YMC, please email us.

I want to write for YMC, how do I do that?

Our Editor accepts pitches at editorial@yummymummyclub.ca – we even pay!

How do you select influencers to join Ehm & Co?

We review each applicant’s submission carefully, then take a deep dive into their content across all platforms. We check the size of their audiences, the quality of their content and analyze their potential fit with our current and future clients’ needs.

Where are you guys located?

We are proudly Canadian. – only CND opportunities!

Do I have to blog to be considered for Ehm & Co?

No, you do not have to blog to be considered for Ehm & Co. The common thread among Ehm & Co influencers, is that they have a strong social media presence with an engaged following to boot. Each of our clients and campaigns have different needs.

Some function exclusively through social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter, while others may be focused solely on Blogs.

What kind of campaigns can I expect from Ehm & Co?

We work with a variety of brands, across many categories, on unique campaigns – whether it’s blogging, social amplification, custom content creation or influencer events, you can always expect something exciting from us.

If I were selected, what would a campaign look like?

Every campaign we build is unique and designed to cater to the specific needs of the brand.

When we have campaign(s) that fit with your member profile and audience, you’ll receive an outreach email with the exact details of what you’ll be committing to and how you’ll be compensated. If you think the campaign(s) are a good fit for you, simply click on the apply button and follow the steps required to complete your campaign application.

Do you compensate Ehm & Co influencers?

We do! Member compensation varies by brand, campaign and influencer. Each influencer is compensated according to the level of commitment required, the social media platforms used, the types of content produced, the size of their following, and their engagement rates.

Does Ehm & Co require exclusive contracts or can I work with other networks and brands?

No! Our influencers are free to work with any agency they wish and have full rights to their own accounts.

How do I get paid for my work?

Once the campaign is complete you will be required to submit your links for payment. We process payments either by EFT or Interac transfer.

I want to write sponsored content for YMC, how can I do that?

Super. By applying to join the Ehm & Co network you will also be provided opportunities to write on YMC.